American Legion Membership


The American Legion was chartered in 1919 as a patriotic, mutual-help, war-time veterans organization. Today, the Legion has expanded beyond this into an active and viable Community Service Organization, as well. However, based upon our charter, to be eligible for American Legion Membership, you must have served at least one day's active duty service in the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard or U.S. Merchant Marines (December 1941 - August 1945) during the following dates: (A) 02 August 1990 - present [Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom]; (B) 20 December 1989 - 31 January 1990 [Panama]; (C) 24 August 1982 - 31 July 1984 [Grenada & Lebanon]; (D) 28 February 1961 - 07 May 1975 [Vietnam]; (E) 25 June 1950 - 31 January 1955 [Korea]; (F) 07 December 1941 - 31 December 1946 [World War II]; or (G) 06 April 1917 - 11 November 1918 [World War I].

Printable Application Form

On-Line National Application

If you choose, you may click here to go to the National American Legion web site. We would certainly appreciate your declaring us as your Home Post.

Contact Request/Preliminary On-Line Application

Please click the link below if you would like to directly contact American Legion Post #331 regarding potential membership, or any other questions or comments you may have. We will have an officer contact you as soon as possible.

Preliminary Application/Request for Contact